How to Vote

(Read to the bottom then click the "Get Started" button)
There are three steps to voting

Log In

You should receive an access code with your registration. Use that access code to log in (click the Get Started button below). You can only use the access code once. It becomes invalid after you cast your ballot (i.e. submit your votes).


The classes are displayed in class ID order. Click the class name to open up a display of all the cars in that class. Press the number of car in each class you want to for. Click "None" if you accidentally vote in a class that you don't want to.
Do this for all classes you want to vote in.
You can turn your phone sideways for a wider view if the class names are not completely visible on your screen.

Cast Your Ballot

This sends your votes to the system and logs you out.

Buttons at the Bottom

Once you are logged in there will be three buttons at the bottom of the screen.
You can click any of these buttons at any time after logging in and before casting your ballot.

Do not refresh your browser. You will lose your votes and have to start over!

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Get Started

Log In

Enter the access code from your Registration Packet.


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Your Votes So Far

These are the cars you have voted for so far. Click the "Submit Your Votes" button at the bottom of this page to finish voting or Ballot to continue.

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Thanks for attending TXABCD!

Your votes have been recorded.

Results, pictures and more will be posted at www.txabcd.org

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